Greg Sherwin Represents Midwest Constructors at ENR’s FutureTech Conference

October 6, 2015

Greg Sherwin, Director of Preconstruction/Estimation, recently attended ENR’s FutureTech two-day conference as a panelist on the use of drones in the construction industry. The panel explored how construction teams are using drones on the job site today and how this emerging technology will change the way work is done in the future—from imagery and data collection to mapping, surveys and beyond.

In addition to his position at Midwest, Greg oversees the formation of a sUAS operations startup company, Ocelleye, to service the needs of Midwest Constructors and other regional/national AEC firms. With two Section 33 exemptions in hand and two FAA registered sUAS, Midwest is on the forefront of sUAS operations in the central Indiana region.

ENR’s FutureTech is a conference where the leading construction teams learn about today’s innovative application of technology to improve project delivery, performance, and profit while gaining a competitive edge through inspiration into the technologies and ideas of tomorrow. The educational sessions focused on the technologies driving significant change in the design and construction industry. Presentations by industry experts focused on how these technologies are being deployed today for high performance construction, and also where they will be going in the future, so we can understand where the next developments will come from and how all firms will benefit.

It’s Pouring at Butler University!

June 9, 2015

3Concrete that is!

Midwest Constructors recently completed the final pour on the 2
nd level completing the south end of the new mixed-use parking garage. The north side of the building has four more floors to finish and is expected to be complete this July.

Despite design changes and overcoming winter weather obstacles, the project has stayed on schedule and is still expected to be complete in time for the 2015 school year.

First orangutans, Now Walruses. Midwest Constructors is making Some Interesting Friends at the Indianapolis Zoo!

May 15, 2015

IMG_0573 pour

The Indianapolis Zoo’s Walrus Exhibit’s main platform was in need of repairs due to cracks and deterioration which allowed water to penetrate through the cracks and freeze this winter. This caused bigger concrete chunks to come loose and raised a concern with zoo veterinarians who feared the walruses might ingest these and become ill.

  To solve the problem, Midwest Constructors, LLC removed and replaced the existing concrete platform with the addition of a color additive to match the exhibit’s color scheme. This had to be completed without disturbing the surrounding stone walls. A major challenge with this project included a tight schedule since the walruses had to be contained in a smaller area while the work was being performed.

“Thanks for getting this project completed so quickly,” stated Keith G. Schnell, Project Manager with the Indianapolis Zoo. “One of the keepers commented that you guys didn’t work like other contractors we’ve had out here. They were always working, so that says a lot for your team.”

In addition, we also worked very closely with the zoo veterinarians to ensure that all products being used were safe to the health of the walruses.

Site Work has Started for the New River North Office Building

May 8, 2015

DCIM100GOPROMidwest Constructors has started the layout for the River North Office and will soon be ready to begin concrete operations. The site has been stripped and excavated to subgrade level. The equipment onsite is finishing the subsurface soil modifications for new foundation loads. Midwest Constructors will complete all of the structural concrete for the new office building.

The planned 120,000-square-foot office building is part of a proposed $37.5 million mixed-use development on 14.6 acres. The site is located near the northern section of River Crossing Boulevard at Keystone at the Crossing, off of East 86th Street and Keystone Avenue.

The River North office building will offer large, efficient floor plans and lifestyle features such as balconies, terraces and a communal living room space. Construction of the office building is scheduled to be completed within 12 months.


Project Estimator, Ketaki Shiralkar, Attends Tekla CIP Basic Training Course

March 30, 2015

Earlier this month, I attended the Tekla Structures Cast-In-Place Basic Training in Kenessaw, GA. The training introduces users to the Tekla modeling environment and teaches them the basics of concrete modeling and drawing creation. During the three day training session, I learned how to set up a model, rapidly model concrete parts, add rebar and other reinforcing. From the model, I learned how to produce quality take offs, bending schedules and various types of drawings.

From the standpoint of a concrete general contractor, here are a few things I found useful:
  • Tekla has excellent visualizations that are easy to comprehend. The software has the capability to interact with the client, the architect, the engineer, contractor, and the construction manager on a smart and convenient platform.
  • Its constructability analysis tool helps to evaluate the project on a better level, pre-construction.
  • This software is not only restricted to Building Information Modeling, but also extends its applicability to quantity take-off, estimation, planning and scheduling.
  • It is an adaptable tool to collaborate between other parties involved in the project. The most useful for us being the formwork sub-contractors.

As an estimator, I felt this was particularly beneficial in creating organized records of project information such as material quantities and labor. It has an inbuilt tool to load the drawings and snap to the building components, thus creating a detailed quantity take off. Its ability to exchange information with other estimation software makes it possible for the smooth derivation of an accurate estimate.

After long-term success in Europe, Tekla Software is growing more popular in the United States. It is definitely changing the way the world sees building construction.  

Midwest Constructors Kicks Off Construction Layout Training

February 16, 2015
Field Operations Training As part of the Midwest Constructors effort to support further training and development of our staff, Tim Golden, Project Manager, and Todd Frye, Engineering Services, kicked off a four part training on construction layout this past Saturday.

Due to the complex nature of our work line and grades, construction layouts are something we prefer to self-perform and it is critical that everyone understands what the roles of a Field Engineer need to be.

During these four sessions, we will be teaching how to efficiently layout foundations, walls, steel buildings, and high-rise concrete structures. AutoCAD and other modern layout programs and equipment will be taught during these sessions as well.

Midwest Constructors Hires Lynn Wall as the New Executive Vice President

January 12, 2015

Lynn Wall Headshot

Midwest Constructors, LLC is pleased to announce that Lynn Wall has joined our team as the new Executive Vice President. Wall has more than 30 years of experience serving highly respected and accomplished companies. He began his career as an entry level Project Engineer and steadily ascended to highest levels of leadership. As executive vice president, Wall will oversee all corporate business operations for the firm which includes working closely with the business development team, estimating department and project management team. Wall serves on the Purdue University BCM Advisory Council, MICCS Indianapolis and the Indiana Construction Roundtable. He was also part of the Super Bowl XLVI Pursuit Team in 2011.

Midwest Constructors, LLC Awarded Butler Parking Garage

September 26, 2014

Overall-Render We are excited to announce our newest project, the Butler University Parking Garage! Construction on the new $20 million parking structure at Butler University is expected to begin this fall. It will be built on the existing lot between Clowes Memorial Hall and Lake Road. The multi-use facility will include 1,000 parking spaces and approximately 15,000-square-feet of commercial and office space on the ground level. The project is expected to be complete by August 2015.

Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Exhibit Wins Again!

September 23, 2014

The Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Exhibit wins ENR Midwest’s Best Project of the Year in the category of Specialty Contracting! For the full story, visit Midwest Musings blog post, We Preview ENR Midwest Best Projects of 2014, on the ENR Midwest website.